My trip to Milford Sound

Astonishing views in Southwest New Zealand

Milford New Zealand

I finally got to take a road trip to one of my favorite locations in New Zealand… Milford Sound. Breathtaking views, astonishing waterfalls, a photographers dream. If you haven’t been to New Zealand and are planning to come in the future, then this destination is a must.

So much to see, so little time

Milford NZ

If you are thinking of coming to Milford, NZ be sure to at least schedule a three day trip. Myself being a New Zealand native, though I could cut it with a one day trip. Well I was defiantly wrong and next time I come to take photographs I will be sure to camp out or stay a night at one of the lodges. Even if you are not a photographer like myself there is so much to do in Milford Spring. Everything from kayaking, hiking, and cruises you won’t be disappointed. That being said go here if you want to find out more activities to partake in when visiting – Other than that I will leave you with some beautiful photography!