Wedding Photography vs. Nature Photography

My take on wedding photography

First off, did I tell you that I love nature photography :). Due to the fact that I have such a passion for my photography, many times I get asked if I can photograph weddings for my close family and friends. Don’t take it the wrong way, but the majority of the time I will decline unless the venue where the marriage is taking place is astonishing. Let me explain…

My passion for photos of nature

No it’s not the annoying family member nor is it me being envious of my friends, my comfort is just taking photos of the outdoors. The last thing I want is “not picture perfect” wedding photos that I took of my loved ones. Even if I don’t charge them a dime my biggest fear is that the marriage photos I take won’t turn out to expectation. Although, you need to get uncomfortable to expand your skill set right?

A memorable trip to Hawaii

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii to see my best friend get married. His wedding was on the island of Oahu and let me tell you it was far from my thoughts on island life. The people in Hawaii are amazing and you can truly feel the love or “Aloha” as they like to call it, in the air. Everyone was so courtesy and it seemed that the locals of Hawaii really embrace the culture. The best part (that might help my career) is that I got to meet ¬†Gigi Lee, who specializes in wedding officiating and photography. Ironically, Gigi use to have the same so-called “fear” of getting into wedding photography that I am currently facing. Let’s just say I was INSPIRED. That being said, I hope you look forward to my future blog posts ;).