What is your passion?

My Passion is Photography


My name is Bobby K. I’m a wedding photographer based out of Auckland, New Zealand. I’m a story teller with my images and I love being able to create something tangible out of something that is very fleeting and quick.  That’s photography.

Freedom is key in my photography

The freedom for it to be anything you want it to be is exciting for me. A lot of the struggles that people have are actually executing what they want to do. It wasn’t until I started entering competitions or actually started to get feedback and critique from other photographers. It hurt at first but after my bruises healed I realized often that they were right. And all I did with that information was come back again next year with a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. I think the more that you actually exercise your creativity and your craft, the more you shoot, the better you get, the more mistakes that you make, the more you will learn from those mistakes.

A photographer’s obsession

I could not tell you where I rank on Google. I don’t have any idea. What I do is obsess over my photos and I obsess over my craft. That’s why the IQ250 is so exciting for me. The equipment is there and the rest is up to you. I got a lot of friends who work in advertising and commercial and generally, a lot of the other people they are working with don’t have anything personally at stake. Everyone is getting paid and the product has to be produced. What I enjoy is that I get to see the emotion that comes as a result of the work that I do.

Know what to say

For me that is it. If I’m having a tough week and I’m under the pump, I just need something like that to come through and it reminds me why I do what I do. Okay, everybody thinks we put shrimps on the barbecue. We don’t put shrimps on the barbecue. They are not even called shrimps, they are called prawns. Americans call them shrimps, we call them prawns.  We don’t barbecue them. So don’t come down and put a shrimp on the barbecue because you’ll upset someone. They will ask you to please remove it from the barbecue.  Anyways… welcome to my blog, much more to come!